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For the past few years, a lot of people have started working from home. Some have since went back to work, while others work from home (part-time, or full time).  But as you're probably now starting to realize, working from home isn't always as easy as it seems. There are SO many distractions (more so if you have kids). In order to keep those distractions at bay, you need to plan them into your day. Yup, you heart me. Plan your distractions into your day.


That's where I comes in!  



- Give us a break down of times and/or tasks you have throughout the day.

- The more specific, the better

- We will create a custom schedule jsut for you!

- Don't like it or want to change something?  You will be given the template so that you can change it any time you'd like!


Want to do it yourself?  Look here -