"Thanks for not putting (custom name) up for adoption when he/she was younger. I know it was tempting some days". This beer stein is sure to put a smile and laugh on your significant other's parents face. Perfect for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Birthday, Christmas, Wedding, or just because!

This beer mug is guaranteed to bring out a laugh or two every time it's brought out and used. Plus, it's totally dishwasher safe, so the amount of joy this will bring will never be washed away, even with daily use! 💁🏻☺️

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Thanks For Not Putting My Husband (Or Boyfriend) Up for Adoption When He Was You

  • * One Beer Stein

    * 16 oz

    * Design - Front ONLY 

    * Right-handed with design facing out -- if you would like this converted into a left-handed version (for example, to show off the design && the ring on your left hand:)), then please request this during checkout

    * Ceramic

    * Dishwasher Safe

    * Designed & Produced in USA