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10 Ways To Bring More Hygge Into Your Autumn Days!

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10 Ways To Bring More Hygge Into Your Autumn Days!

Autumn is my 2nd favorite season. You'll never guess what the first is... Winter! 🙊

So, obviously, if winter and fall are my two favorite seasons, I must know a little something about making them cozy and awesome, right?! I live in New York, so I get to experience ALL the seasons. Our summers are hot, our springs are rainy, our autumn days are perfect, and our winter days are full of snow. And while autumn comes at a good time of year (September-November), it still feels like it goes by super quick.

Therefore, we must make the best of it!

So besides the usual apple picking, pumpkin picking, costume party days, here are a few ways we can bring the calm and comfort of hygge into our every fall day.

10 Ways To Bring More Hygge Into Your Autumn Days:

1. Autumn scented candles

Dim the lights and enjoy the ambience it brings.

2. Cozy blankets thrown everywhere

On the couch, on the beds, on benches, etc.

3. Enjoy the sunset - often

... And don't forget to throw a blanket in the car too!

4. Bake cinnamon rolls

Or a pie, or cookies, or any other comfort dessert.

5. Decorate your house

This includes your outdoor spaces.

Don't forget pumpkins!

6. Live in warm socks & chunky sweaters

(And leggings with boots)

7. Drink lots of hot beverages

Tea, coffee, hot cocoa (and don't forget the marshmallows!)

8. Fill your nights & weekends with Halloween movies

(or thrillers if it's too early/too late for Halloween)

9. Start a gratitude journal

This is a great time of year to start this wonderful habit of remembering and recognizing what you're thankful for.

10. Go to the library often

Or bookstore.

(And don't forget to sniff the books!)

A few of my favorites:

candles | blankets | socks | sweater | gratitude journal

Do you have something that screams "cozy fall" to you? Share it in the comments below!

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