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15 Cute Valentine's Day Mani Nail Design Ideas with BONUS Pedi Idea

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Need some inspiration for some cute Valentines' Day nails to try out this year?

Valentine's Day will be here before we know it! And whether we have someone special to celebrate with, or we're celebrating it alone with our cat... yet again... you can't go wrong with a cute and festive mani/pedi! Plus, you need to always be prepared if you end up meeting your future husband in the fruit department the next time you're out shopping!

Sure, you can just do a nice, classy red... I mean, that's classic. But for those of you who want to jazz it up a bit, here are some really cute ideas! Try to do it yourself, or bring it into your favorite nail salon and show them what you'd like!

Cross Cross Hearts

This is super cute, but probably one you'd like to leave up to the professionals to do.

Instagram: @nailsbykms

Deep Gradient

What's sexier than the color red? Red with gradients to black!


Easy Home Mani

Want to save money and give yourself a professional looking manicure? Buy a few gel polishes and add a little red heart to one of your nails!

Instagram: @fashionablykay


Buy cute little nail design set and do this yourself or go to a professional and have it done.

Instagram: @madeby.kit

Happy Colors

Alternate colors and throw a few hearts and dots on some nails.

Instagram: @luminary_nail_systems

Midnight Love

Solid black polish with a pink glitter coat applied to the ends.

Instagram: @easyglamjenredding

Bright Love

Red polish with simple white hearts on a few nails.

Instagram: @dippy.sisters

Luxurious Red

On your accent nails, do a base coat of light pink, and then add the red on top. Paint heart on top of the red section with the base color.

Instagram: @lk.beautyart_wroclaw

First Valentine's Day Celebrating

Pretty light pink is a classy choice. Add a light shimmer on all nails (or buy a polish with shimmer already in it), and add a heavier gold glitter on top of a few accent nails.


Sleek & Sexy

Black polish with a red shimmer accent nail with white hearts.

Instagram: @veebutterfly

Heart Confetti

Start with a light base coat, then add a coat of glitter heart confetti on top

Instagram: @manisfordays

Mixed Reds

Paint your nails red and add a glitter coat to a few of them.

Instagram: @ilovemymanipedi

Valentine's Day Tweed

You can look for stickers to get this pattern on your nails, or you can just get good old stick-on nails.

Instagram: @pink_oblivion

Holding Hearts

A simple light base coat with red painted hearts.

Instagram: @luminary_nail_systems

Vibrant Red Claws

Red painted nails with a pink & black confetti coat on top. Add a black strip to the top of the nail for an added dramatic effect.

Instagram: @easyglamjenredding


Festive Toes

Valentine's Day nail wraps can be used on toes too!

Instagram: @iamkristenvencel

Matching Mani/Pedi

Cute way to match your nails and your toes without it being to matchy matchy.

Instagram: @berrynikkisnails

I hope you enjoyed! Let us know which nail design you chose by tagging us on Instagram! @kppliving

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