22 Perfect Gifts for Your High School BFF (guys and girls!)

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Are you looking for a cute gift to give your best friend that will remind them of how important they are to you? I have taken the time to compile a list of super thoughtful, super sentimental, and a little bit funny gift ideas that your bff will actually love. Whether it's for their birthday, graduation, Christmas or Galentine's day, I've got you covered!

It's your best friend's birthday! It's time to celebrate another year older and another year closer to independence!

But, wait… have you decided what to get her yet? Don’t worry, I've got a few ideas for you!

I have included gift ideas that range from sassy to sentimental. Here you'll find it all!

1. Personalize Map

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Are you guys getting ready to go your separate ways to different colleges? That is so, so hard. Get your best friend something she can put up in her new dorm room. It will surely be cherished for years to come.

Not moving away from each other? Why not choose a location that is special to you; a favorite vacation, a place where you both met, your future dream house locations.

2. Bestie Morse Code Bracelet

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How cute is this bracelet!?

I am OBSESSED with it. Such a small, yet meaningful gift idea for your best friend. It's a simple bracelet that's not flashy or obnoxious and will most definitely be one she won't want to take off. So dainty!

3. Best Friend Coupon Book

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Obsessed, obsessed, obsessed!

This printable is not only an affordable "diy" gift, but it's so funny! It's borderline a gag gift, but usable with funny coupon's like "personal servant" and "will walk around complimenting you all day". Best friend, if you're reading this, can you please gift these to me!? Such a fun and cute idea. Especially if your best friend is a guy and you have absolutely NO idea what to get him!

4. Through Thick and Thin Keychain

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This keychain is essential for anyone who's your best friend right now. I'm not joking. Look at how adorable and meaningful this is! Especially if she's just learning to drive and is going to start carrying around car keys. She will absolutely lOVE this chic keychain.

5. Note Passing Journal

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If you and you best friend love passing notes in class (but are not in all the same classes), this one is for you two! I used to have a notebook like this and lOVED it! It makes the perfect keepsake after it's all filled out!

6. Personalized Record Display

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Who doesn't have their own best friend anthem?

Show your best friend some love by giving her the gift of a display of you two and your special song. This gift means everything.

7. Custom Best Friend Definition Print

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Give your bestie's (guy or girl) their own customizable "Best Friend" definition! Whenever they're feeling down, all they have to do is look at the sassy definition you've created for your friendship and be reminded about how awesome they are.

This gift is one that will be kept forever.

8. Freshman Year Bracelet

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I keep seeing these cute bracelets everywhere! Now that you guys are starting high school, you're bound to be a little nervous! This makes the perfect "back-to-school" gift.

9. BFF Penny Keychain

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This is a total must have! I got one of these for my bestie and it reminds him of when we first became friends.

Yes, girls are definitely more sentimental than guys, but that doesn't mean guys don't like receiving meaningful things either! This makes the perfect addition to any keychain.

10. Makeup Bag