25 Quotes To Really Help Put Into Words What It Feels Like To Be In A Long Distance Relationship

Long distance relationships are tough! And they are definitely not for the faint of heart. It's really tough and lonely waiting until that next moment when you can see your love again.

And for those of us who do choose to take on that journey of ldr, we know it's not easy. The distance will test your love constantly, but it also proves that if you can make it through the time & distance, you can make it through just about anything together.

I'm currently in a long distance relationship and it didn't seem all that bad in the beginning. I had a small, little airport right around the corner and a puny airline brought me to his airport in record time and for a nice price. A price that was nice enough for me to visit him every other weekend (while my son was with his dad). We were so blessed, but then they stopped offering it, and we were left with me needing to drive to NYC to fly out of one of those big airports and things not only got more expensive, but getting people to drive me to the airport (1.5hours away) became a little bit more of a hassle as well.

I'm not going to lie. We have broken up due to the distance, but somehow we just can't keep ourselves away from each other. It stinks knowing that if distance weren't an issue, our relationship would no doubt, be so much stronger.

When we do see each other though, it's incredible. But when we're apart? It's hard living our separate lives. I'm not there to rub his back when he's thrown it out doing yard-work, and he's not here for me when I'm on the side of the road because I forgot to change my oil, yet again. We do a great job of finding a nice balance between being there virtually for each other despite the distance, but it's so hard when you just want to reach through the phone and give them a hug.

In my personal experience, long distance relationships are a roller coaster ride. I've been left feeling lonely and emotionally distant from my love on some days (especially on the tough days when you've had a little fight and you can't just drive over and make up). Yet, other days, I feel closer than anything I've ever experienced despite the 705 miles that lie between us.

Being in a long distance relationship allows you to focus on getting to know the real person since you can't be distracted by the physical parts of the relationship. You can't just snuggle up and watch a movie if you want to spend time together. You're actually forced to communicate and connect with each other on a deeper level during your virtual times together. And when you do finally see each other, and you are finally in the flesh again? It's so much more special. Like a honeymoon almost. Every time. You just have to keep reminding yourself to be patient, and to never take your love for granted.

We've endured a lot of sacrifice and waiting, but when the time finally comes to hold each other again, it's always worth it. And when you reach the end, and you finally get to move in together, remember that you've overcome that huge obstacle called "distance". And with that, you two will be unstoppable.

So, enough babble. Let's get down to the quotes already, right?! Here are a few of my favorite.

(And yes, some of them are of my own designs, and the links are provided in case you'd like one of your own :)).

  1. I'm jealous of everybody, who can see you every day.

2. I wish you could see the stupid smiles I get when we're texting

3. I wish you could see the stupid smiles I get when we're texting

4. Even though you're miles away, your voice is more comforting than the ones I hear here.

5. Being apart teaches us how to be together.

6. Long distance relationships are hard, but they're also incredible. If you can love, tryst, respect, and support each other from a distance then you'll be unstoppable once you're physically together.

7. I'll hold you in my heart, till I can hold you in my arms.

8. One day the plane ticket will be one way.

9. You know you've found true love when you catch yourself falling in love with the same person over and over again despite them being miles away from you.

10. Love is not finding someone to live with. It's finding someone you can't live without.

11. Missing you every day makes my heart feel heavy but I know that every day is a day closer to seeing you again.

12. You are worth every mile between us. - (can be purchased on Etsy here)

13. As long as we share the same sky and breathe the same air, we're still together

14. It isn't easy being so in love with you and not being able to see you every day. There are times when I'd give anything just to be able to gaze into your eyes or hold you in my arms, even for a few minutes. I always feel incomplete, like a part of me is missing, when we're not together. I know that right now this is how things have to be, but that doesn't make it any easier to bear. Every day without you reminds me of the joy you add to my life, joy that I'm missing. So don't forget that I love you, that I'm thinking of you, and that I'm counting every minute until we're together again.

15. The longer you wait for something. The more you appreciate it when you get it. Because anything worth having is always worth the wait.

16. Loving someone you don't see every day is not a bad thing. It's just a proof that love is not in sight but in the heart.

17. Forget all the reasons why it won't work, and believe the one reason why it will.