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27 Things To Do This Winter

I absolutely love the winter. I'm one of those weirdo's, I know. But it's something about the beauty of freshly fallen snow, the toasty fireplace and the homemade soups, all the tea and blankets and cuddles. Ugh! I just love being cozy, and the best time to get cozy is in the winter.

So, whether you love the winter, or hate it, this list is for you. I hope that if you hate it, this bucket list can help change your mind and show you how fun winter can actually be!

Winter Bucket List

- Go Ice Skating - Bonfire - Make S'mores

- Bake Cookies - Do A Puzzle - Homemade Soup

- Kits For The Homeless - Start A Journal - Organize Your Closet

- Bake A Pie - Paper Cut Snowflakes - Nap By The Fire

- Kareoke - Make A Fort - Attend A Concert

- Decorate With Cozy Pillows - Make A Winter Playlist - Movie Marathon

- Make A Snow Globe - Go Bowling - Read A Self Help Book

- Have A Waffle Party - Play Cards - Bubble Bath

- Go For A Winter Walk - Write A "Thank You" - Set Goals

Have you tried any of these? We'd love to see! Tag us on Instagram @kppliving

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