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Breakfast Idea: Healthy Sweet Potato Eggs & Bacon

Who says sweet potatoes have to be a side dish!? I was never a big sweet potato girl, but here I am obsessed with this breakfast! It’s both sweet and savory and not at all unhealthy for you! I mean, yes, there’s a little bit of bacon and cheese in there for ya, but that’s it! This is a perfect breakfast to bring to your church potluck or to serve on a holiday morning! And it’s simple and easy to make too!

breakfast sweet potato eggs

This is going to a great item to add to your breakfast recipe book! It’s just an all-encompassing breakfast item! Bacon, check! Cheese, check! Potato, check! EGGS, check! You can even sprinkle them with some scallions if you’d like to add more of a kick to them!

Between the fiber, calcium, iron, beta-carotene, and all the vitamins that are hard to get in your every day foods, this is one breakfast that will get you started on the right track!

breakfast sweet potato egg

Now time for the breakfast RECIPE!

Let’s go over how to bake the perfect sweet potato first, though! Because cracking an egg into the center is the easy part!

Baking your sweet potatoes PERFECTLY

So, for once in this potatoes life, it is the main star of the recipe! It’s not a side dish, or a little hors d’oeuvre, it is the real deal! Therefore, we need to make sure your potatoes are cooked perfectly in order for this recipe to go right.

Follow the step/tips below:

  • Preheat the oven to 350*

  • Scrub your potatoes before baking them (you’ll be amazed at how dirty those things actually are!)

  • Take a fork and stab holes into each sweet potato all around. Do this carefully as they are going to be extremely hard to poke into at this stage. You will need the holes in the potatoes to help the steam escape them. You don’t want an exploding hot potato in your oven, do you?

  • Take a pastry brush and brush some vegetable oil on the outside of your potatoes and then season them with salt.

  • Line your baking sheet and then place them in the oven for 1.5 hours until they are nice and tender.

  • Let them cool off a bit before cutting into them or you may burn yourself (trust me on this one!)

breakfast sweet potato egg

Time to finish it!

After your potatoes are baked and cooled, it’s time to finish up this delicious recipe.

Cut your potatoes in half lengthwise (you’ll end up with 6). Spoon the center of each potato out into a large mixing bowl, but be careful not to damage the skin. Mix the butter, cheese and bacon into mixing bowl with the potato centers. If your potatoes aren’t still on the baking sheet, make sure to put them there before scooping the mixture back into the potato skins. Once the potatoes are filled back up with the sweet potato mixture, make a well in the center of each one. Make sure the well is big enough and deep enough so that they don’t spill over (or buy smaller eggs for this recipe). Crack an egg into the center of each well and then bake for an additional 20m (or however long it takes for your eggs to reach the level of perfection you prefer).


Can this breakfast be made ahead of time?

I know this recipe is so posh that you’ll want to take it to family gatherings or bake it for your own holiday’s but also can’t fathom spending 2 hours making it. While I don’t recommend making this ahead of time, you can speed up the process by microwaving your potatoes instead of baking them. To do this, you’ll want to do the prep the same as you would the oven (clean and poke holes, and rub oil and salt on them). After you’re done prepping, wrap your potatoes in a paper towel that has been wet with more vegetable oil. You can then cook 2 potatoes at time for 8 minutes. After checking on them, cook for an additional minute if not yet tender. Then follow the rest of the recipe as is.

You can however, save time by cooking the bacon a day early (it’ll create an even better crumble the next day, and they both require different temperatures in the oven)! You can also bake the sweet potatoes a day early and keep them in the fridge for the next day if you don’t want to do the microwave option.

How do you bake the perfect bacon?

Yes, I said bake bacon. I love to bake my bacon in the oven as it’s so much easier (and less mess!). I find the perfect time and temperature for bacon is 20m at 415*. You won’t need to flip the bacon, and if you line your sheet ahead of time, the clean up will be quick and easy! Perfect bacon for crumbling!

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Healthy Sweet Potato Egg Breakfast

Prep time: 10M | Cook time: 1HR 50M | Total time: 2HR

All your favorite breakfast staples stuffed into one meal!

breakfast sweet potato egg

Serves: 6 | Calories: ~300 | Breakfast

Have you tried this breakfast recipe! Let me know in the comments below or tag us on Instagram @kppliving

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