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Celebrate Thanksgiving!

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I absolutely lOVE Thanksgiving. It's the one day a year where I don't feel bad eating like a little miss piggy. If my pants aren't tight when I go to leave the table, I'm severely disappointed in myself. And you better believe the only reason I'm getting up from the table is to head to the oven to take the pie out of the oven while simultaneously saying how I will never eat again.

A fun fact about how Thanksgiving got its date

The first Thanksgiving took place in 1621 and was actually a three day feast with 90 Native Americans. (Talk about having a big family to feed!). In 1789, President Washington declared November 26 as the official Thanksgiving Day, however, only the northern states celebrated it. Finally in 1864 President Lincoln declared it a national holiday and changed it from November 26th to the fourth Thursday in November. President Roosevelt tried changing it to the third Thursday, but the people did not like that, so it was back to the fourth Thursday within two years time.

Now onto a few of my favorite things - Thanksgiving traditions edition!

Home Decor

Front door

Hang a twisty wreath made of vines on the front door. Include some mums, gourds, pumpkins, corn, candles or lanterns


Kid's Table

Set a kid's table with a special centerpiece, a printed menu, and special Thanksgiving dishes


Set a Beautiful Table

Decorate with fine china, linen table clothes, cloth napkins, candlesticks, centerpiece and personalized place cards


Easy Dessert Cleanup

Save the fine china for dinner, but provide easy cleanup with decorative disposable plates


Fun Traditions to Start

Invite Kids To Help Shop

Give each kid their own "shopping list". Let them know that they can add any one item of their choice to the cart.


There are so many people in need of donations during this Holiday season. Most grocery stores have the option to donate to families in need while you're already there shopping! If not, check out your local church.

Rise Early

This one is just for you, mama. Wake up early Thanksgiving morning and get a head start on cooking/baking. Make yourself a nice cup of cocoa or coffee and enjoy the quietness of the house and the aroma's coming from your oven.

Break Out Your Cute Apron

Now's the best time to throw on that apron and dance around the kitchen.

Surprise Cornbread!

Write the word "Winner" on a piece of parchment paper. Wrap it in tinfoil and pop it in the mix of one of the unbaked corn muffins. Whoever finds the note in their muffin wins a chocolate turkey!

Enjoy A Special Treat For Breakfast

I love making apple muffins or donuts to celebrate the season!

Go For A Hike

Not only does it feel good to move your body on a day full of eating, but now is the time where the leaves are beautiful.

Write a "Thank You" To Someone Special

While dinner is cooking, sit down and write a note to someone special. This could be a family member, a friend, or even someone famous who inspires you. It's a great idea to have the whole family participate in this sweet tradition.


Don't forget to thank God for all the wonderful blessing you have in your life. Pray as a family before eating dinner.

Spoil Your Pets

Dogs and cats love turkey too! Just make sure the scraps you're giving them doesn't have bones or any toxic ingredients in them. Check online to make sure what you're feeding them is pet-friendly.

Send your Host a "Thank You" Note

Hosting Thanksgiving is a huge undertaking. Thank your host/hostess by sending them a sweet thank you card.

Make a Habit Of Being Thankful

Every night before bed speak about what you're grateful for. This is a great habit to get your kids into. Finding things you're grateful for (even when life is tough) is a great way to raise happy, resilient kids.

Games to Play

Turkey Treasure Hunt

Hide these 12 turkey's and set the kids off to see who can find the most! Winner get's to take home an extra serving of their favorite dessert!


Thanksgiving Boggle Game

Place these on people's plates for when they arrive to the table, or hand it out beforehand to give your guests something to do while things are cooking.


Alphabet Thankful Game

It's like a simple version of Scattegories that revolves around what you're thankful for!


Best Dishes To Make

Corn Muffins

See the tip listed above to make these corn muffins extra special!


Some Tasty Side Dishes

There are so many good side dishes, it's hard to pick just one. Look through this amazing list and pick your favorites!


A Pie

Do yourself a favor and do your pie baking the day before


Apple Muffins

For Breakfast, remember!


Spinach Casserole

Any casserole, really. But trust me on this one!


And don't forget the wine!

Check out this printable bundle for all your Thanksgiving party needs!

It comes with an added BONUS of favor gift tags.

Simply attach the gift tags to the leftovers you send home with your guests and, ta-da, you're super cute!


I hope you have the Happiest Thanksgiving and a

Wonderful Christmas & New Year!

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