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Have you been feeling a little down lately? Maybe you look around and your life seems like it's perfect, but you just don't feel happy? A lot of our happiness has to do with being satisfied in different areas of our lives. And while we each have different areas that are more important that others, we all pretty much have 10 basic areas that we need to constantly be feeding in order to feel genuinely happy. That's what this site is all about. Helping you figure out how to bring fulfillness to those areas in order to give you the best chance at finding true and complete happiness.

Now, that's not to say that some people seriously do have clinical depression and need to seek out professional help, but if you're like me, and you just have a sense of feeling down and out from time to time, check in with yourself and see if you're completely satisfied in every area of life.

Throughout this site, you will find articles on every different area of life, but to start, let's cover what those areas are and what you can do on a regular basis to get things started right!


Things to bring into your routine:

- Have dinner with your parents once a week (or in my case, dinner with my mom :))

- Have a girls night/guys night once a month (this can be you & your daughter go out, while your husband and son go do their thing, or you do something with your sister & mom and/or besties, etc.)

- Have a family fun day once a month (I like to do something that relates to the season/holiday around us at the time - right now it's Halloween!)

- Take some time every month to call someone you would normally text


Things to bring into your routine:

- Read at least one book a month

- Meditate daily (guided meditations are fun and a great way to get started!)

- Track your achievements weekly and observe what you're kickass at, and what you can do better

- Keep a journal


Things to bring into your routine:

- Record your gratitude daily

- Read scripture daily (or a book that helps explain scripture)

- Pray daily

- Take 15-30 minutes to reflect on your day

- Meditate (oh look, here we are again!)

- Go to church regularly


Things to bring into your routine:

- Create an emergency fund (Start with putting $25 away each week until you hit $5,000)

- Set a monthly budget

- Start a retirement account

- Price shop!

- Contribute more to lowering student loans (Even just $20 more)

- Set some money aside monthly and put it into a savings account (maybe $75?)


Things to bring into your routine:

- Find a mentor to look up to

- Attend a networking group

- Take courses to advance your career (try Coursera - they offer financial aid too!)


Things to bring into your routine:

- Start traditions (weekly date night?!)

- Start each day with a kiss (Text kisses count too! 😘)


Things to bring into your routine:

- Join a club!

- Try out a new game each week

- Go to the movies once a month


Things to bring into your routine:

- Donate money on a monthly basis to a charity of your choice (Or if you like to knit/crochet, make hats, blankets, gloves and donate those!)

- Join your church


Things to bring into your routine:

- Clean your desk every day after you're done working!

- Recycle

- 1-in-1-out method (Every time you bring something into your home, get rid of something else)


Things to bring into your routine:

- Walk 10k steps each day (Or if this seems impossible, put your earbuds in and dance for an hour... while you clean if you'd like to be productive!)

- Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! (8 glasses a day?)

- Meal plan

- Set a goal to lose (or gain) however much you have to lose/gain for the year (10lbs is what I'm chasing!)

- Fresh fruits & veggies daily (this helps with your immune system too!)

- Focus on the positive

- Go to sleep early (or at least at a decent time, 10pm for me!)

- Exercise 3 times a week

So! As you can see, this is a great place to start. These should be implemented daily, weekly, or monthly. Either way, add these into your routine, and watch your life flourish 🤗

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