What's better than being able to see yourself through your child's eyes. (Or what's scarier than seeing yourself through your child's eyes?) I'm not sure, but either way, reading what your child writes about you brings an unexplainable feeling of excitement & happiness! I've create this free downloadable printable for you. Whether you're a dad looking to give something nice to your wife, a mom who wants to see what her baby has to say about her, a grandma looking to do something sweet for your daughter with her grandchildren, or a teacher who needs a fun mother's day activity for your class... Here you are!

Simple have your kid(s) fill out this personalized gift that mom is sure to cherish. Bookmark this page, and come back to it year after year to see how their answers (and handwriting) changes with each passing year. Put all the years in a binder, or frame this year's! Whatever you do, this will be a special surprise.

Just click on the PDF below to access your free printable!


Download PDF • 560KB


As a mom, I love being spoiled on mother's day (breakfast in bed, a nice bath, some tea and a book), but it does not have to be over-the-top crazy. It's actually the small things that mean the most to me. And our little ones truly do grow up so fast! Things like this are the little treasures that I'll be able to hold onto and look back on forever. Oh, their little handwriting's. Let's capture it and not take advantage of our time with them as little babes.

Stay well my beautiful friends!

Lauren Elizabeth

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