Fun Birthday Things to Do!

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Birthday's are so stressful when you're the one planning it! My son's birthday is coming up in less than a month, so naturally I'm wracking my brain with what to do and where to go! So, I though, why not share my list with you! This is something you can do for yourself on your own birthday, or one you can plan for someone else!

Go to the beach!

This is great idea even if it's not the summer. You can always go just to watch the sunset - which brightens my night each and every time I see one!

Go Bowling

This is great for class parties as well as just a fun day/night out!

Go Hiking

If you're looking for some quiet, soul-searching time, what's better than a nice walk with nature?

Go Camping

You don't even have to go to the beach or the woods for this. Camp out in your backyard (or living room, if it's too cold)! I did this one year for my son (it was his first sleepover party too!), and his friends absolutely loved it.

Go to a Theme Park

If you have a theme park around you and it's late spring, summer, or early fall, this can be super fun for kids of all ages.

Go to a Water Park

Grab a friend or two and splash your way to happiness!


If you can afford the time and money, go on a trip. It doesn't even have to be far. Take a weekend trip or stay in a touristy town around you for a night!

Go to a Painting Class

This is especially fun if you're of age and can get to a wine & paint night.

Go to a Cooking Class

There are even a few high end cooking stores that offer classes. You can see if there's some near you!

Dance a little!

You don't need to go out to have fun. Set up a karaoke machine in the living room and dance the night away.

Go to a Cool Fitness Class

My son has been begging me to do goat yoga. Unfortunately, it won't be warm enough for his birthday, but maybe for yours!

Take Yourself (or the Birthday Girl) on a Shopping Spree!

Give a limit if you want, but this is especially fun and exciting for little girls.

Go to an Arcade

Another great place to host a party!

Go to an Escape Room

...Or don't. I took my son for his 8th birthday and he had a slight panic attack.

Mom tip: Wait until they're older, even if they're begging you to go!

Go to a Casino

And win big, baby!

Go Paintballing

This would be fun for a teenage boy's birthday

Play Laser Tag

An awesome alternative to paintballing for a younger crowd

Go Wine Tasting

Let loose and enjoy yourself, mama!

Go to a Trampoline Park

Take a friend or have a party there

Go to the Movies

Especially if it has those heated reclining seats and food-service... yes!

Go to a Drive-In Movie

Or host your own outdoor movie night

Play Sports

If you're little one loves sports but you can never find the time, surprise them by going to the park and kicking a ball around with them

Go to a Sports Game

And if you really want to wow them, take them to see their favorite team play

Go to a Nice Restaurant

This is especially nice for the ladies out there. Put on your lbd and make your man take you out to a nice restaurant.

Go Skydiving

Ah! If this is on your bucket list, why not choose today to cross it off? 🙈

Go on a Hot Air Balloon Ride

If you can find one!

Go to the Spa

This is great for girls of all ages! Take a friend or treat yourself.

Go to an Animal Shelter

And adopt a dog 🙊

Then go to the Dog Park

Ha! Just kidding (unless you actually did just go and adopt a dog!)

Go to a Comedy Show

Most places have comedy shows right in a town near you

Go to a Musical

Whether it's in a big city theatre or a small town one, it'll be a good time

Find a Circus

This one may be hard, but not impossible!

Go to a Museum

(If you're a nerd like that 😜)

Invite Friends Over for a Special Dinner

Pick your favorite meal and have a small party with your closest friends and family

Have a Board Game Day

Spend the day (or night) playing board games

Play Table Sports

And if you have the space and money, buy one to surprise the birthday boy!

Play Darts

Set up a dart board and play some darts

Set up an Outdoor Party with Games

Find some outdoor games to play and have a bbq

Have a Pool Party

Invite some friends over and spend the day in the sun

Go Out and Have Fun

If you never get out, spend the night out with your friends and have a good time

Binge Watch Something

Sometimes the best days are the ones where you do nothing. Spend the day on the couch binge watching a show you've been wanting to watch.

Do a Photoshoot

This can be a cute one for your baby, or a sexy one for your husband

Go to a Concert

Get tickets and include it in their birthday card

Go to a Live Music Festival

If it's that time of year, there will probably be plenty of live musical festivals near you

Go Kayaking

This is another great idea if the one you want to spend your birthday with is Mother Nature

Go Paddle Boarding

This is a great idea if you can find a few friends to come along!

Roast Marshmallows

Whether it's on the beach or in your backyard, set up a campfire and roast some marshmallows. You can also do this in your fireplace during the winter!

Go to a Psychic Reading

...if you dare...

Take a Nice Walk

Sometimes we all just want to clear our head and forget that we're another year older

Go on a Race Car Experience

This is for the adventurous one's in your life

Go to an Open House

And dream of what your future will look like

Go Horseback Riding

... on the beach!

Take a Pole Dancing Class

And feel sexy about it!

Take a Pottery Class

Make a vase and then buy yourself flowers to fill it with 🤪

Go Snowboarding

...or skiing, or snowmobiling, or sledding.

Go Jetskiing

... or water skiing, or wake boarding 😋

Go on a Boat Ride

If you don't own a boat, look for a sunset ride somewhere near you

Learn how to go Scuba Diving

And then go scuba diving!

Go Rock Climbing

An indoor arena is just fine

Have a Picnic

Go early enough to enjoy the sun, but late enough to also enjoy the sunset

Get Ice Cream!

My personal favorite 🤪

Have a Sleepover

Either with one friend or many

Have Breakfast in Bed

...and if it's your own birthday, serve yourself breakfast in bed if you don't have someone else to do it for you

Have an At-Home Spa Day

My mom and son always decorate her bathroom like a spa and then run me a bath. It's amazing and the thing I look forward to most every year.

Spend your Birthday in a Hotel

You don't have to go far to make it fun! Plus, they have a pool.

Get a Tattoo

Or a piercing if you've been wanting one

Have a Bonfire

Invite people over and have a party under the stars

Go on a Helicopter Ride

If you can find one, this is a really spectacular gift

Go Bike Riding

It's a lot of simple things that can create the best birthday's


Did you know that doing something for someone else actually makes you happier than when someone does something for you? Try out some volunteer work, it will feel so rewarding!

Go to a Public Garden

And smell the roses

Go to a Candy Factory

And leave with something sweet

Enjoy all the Food

If you're someone who watches what she eats, take the day to enjoy yourself!

Go to a Shooting Range

Could be paintball or pellets

Have a Video Game Day

Invite people over to compete in some friendly video game challenges

Make some Art

Create something beautiful!

Learn an Instrument

Or sign up to start taking some lessons

Go to a Fitness Class

Yoga, Kickboxing, martial arts, spin, dance, find a class and get your heart racing

Go to an Aquarium

Throw a party here or take a friend

Go to the Zoo

And see if you can feed the animals

Go on a Wild Life Tour

Seals, Birds, Elk, whatever you have around you

Spend the Day Reading


Go on a Run

If you're into that...