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Hottest Autumn Styles - According to Guys

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I don't know about you, but I absolutely lOVE fall fashion. I would like to think I know a little bit about what's hott and what's not, but let's be honest -- us girls do some crazy things that we think are attractive to guys when that's just not the case. So, I've done a little digging, a little research, and a little asking and I've come up with a simply adorable list of what you should fill your closet with this fall. Especially if you're out there in the dating world 😉.

This list is meant to be a great guide as to what pieces you should be investing in, and what you can expect to wear over and over again without going out of style. How many times have you bought something that you thought was cute, but then find yourself never feeling confident enough to wear it? Enough of that! I want this guide to give you the confidence to break out what you may already have, or help you invest in a new wardrobe that you will be excited to wear. Not to mention how sexy you'll look. And yes, this is all according to guys.

So grab your PSL, sit down, and let's get started!

1. Over-the-Knee Boots


I am not gunna lie, I've never been confident enough to pull this look off. I'm also barely 5', so it's a little hard to find boots that fit properly. But! According to men, this is the sexiest footwear you can own (and wear). Men love legs, do they not? And these boots definitely accentuate your legs.


Not only do men find these boots sexy, but they're also great for the cooler autumn days when you still want to wear cute dresses but don't want to freeze your legs off.

2. Leather Pants


I mean, obviously. Men. Love. Leather. Need I say more? Leather is a fool-proof way to wow any man in your life.


Leather may be one of those items that you love the idea of but are too scared to wear. You know what I say? Go for it! Once you start coming out of your comfort zone, it'll become a lot easier. And you should feel reassured knowing that men think this is hott.


Just be sure to go for tight fitting leather and not loose or baggy leather. And make sure you're comfortable!

3. Practical Jackets


Surprisingly, men love when we dress according to the season. Throw on a practical jacket and don't look like you're "trying too hard", and a man will be far more attracted to you than if you show up in a crop top and skirt in the middle of 40* weather.

4. Sweaters


Men love fall on us as much as we love fall on us. They like the fact that we need to cover up a bit more and leave things to the imagination (it's true!). Sweaters are fashionable and very attractive, and it's so easy to find one that looks great on you.


Want to know a secret? You don't even need to wear a form-fitting or low-cut one to be sexy. Men say that seeing women in cozy sweaters reminds them of when we wear their hoodies. Being reminded of that sparks something primal within them.


And not to mention, men like when we come prepared and aren't always complaining about being cold because we wanted to dress "sexy". Sexy doesn't always mean wearing little-to-no clothes. There's a fine line between being an adorable sexy and a slutty sexy. You decide which sexy you want to be.

5. Button-Down Shirts


Subtly is actually really attractive. Especially to the man who's used to women doing anything and everything to get his attention. You think men don't notice us when we dress in a more subtle way, but usually that's when they notice us the most.

6. Skirts


I mentioned that men love legs right? 😜


Skirts are very feminine and men love femininity.

7. Boots


We've already talked about over-the-knee boots, but men seem to like all boots on us. That includes boots that look like we're ready to throw our hair up and go out on an adventure with them. Men love women who can share their need for adventure and aren't afraid to get a little dirty.

And there you have it. Seven styles that men find very attractive. However, the most important thing to remember is that you need to feel comfortable as well. If you throw on over-the-knee boots and leather pants and aren't going to exude the confidence while wearing them, then you might as well just throw back on those sweatpants because honestly, the sexiest thing you can wear is confidence.

I highly encourage you to break out of your comfort zone and try out some of these styles and own them with confidence. I promise you will look hott.

Let me know in the comments below which style you love most.

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