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Random Acts of Kindness - Valentine's Day Edition

Valentine's Day isn't easy on everyone, but spreading the love is what this day is all about!

Here are 3 ideas to help spread love to people other than just your significant other!

Write a sentimental card for a widow

Valentine's Day is especially hard for those who have lost a loved one. Be it a few months ago or 15 years ago. So take this holiday to write a nice letter, a poem, or even your favorite bible verse, and mail it to someone you know who needs it. It helps remind them that despite the love of their life being gone, they are still tremendously loved. It may be a small gesture to you, but it will mean the world to them.

Leave hidden cards around town

This act is especially great to involve kids in. Grab some note cards and start writing encouraging messages on them. Throw a few dollars into the envelope to make it an extra special surprise and seal it with a kiss! On the outside of the envelope write, "If you founds this, it's meant for you!" Then hide them in random places - school, grocery store, bathrooms, churches, a friend or family member's home! This can easily become one of your favorite traditions.

Some great words of encouragement includes:

  • Good fortune is smiling down at you

  • The best is yet to come

  • Love, hugs & good fortune

  • Happy Valentine's Day

  • You = Awesome

Write a letter to someone who really means the world to you

And by a letter, I really mean more like an essay. Hear me out because I know that sounds weird. But when we write Valentine's Day cards, they're normally short, sweet, and we write what we feel like we're supposed to write - "I love you to the moon and back! I'm so thankful to have you in my life!"

But have you ever had to write an essay about someone who inspired you? Those essays were so much deeper and heartfelt because you were forced to really speak from the heart and dedicate an essay entirely to the beauty of just who that person is (all with the hopes of getting an "A", am I right?). So this year, pick someone (your mom, a friend, your loved one) and really sit down and write a whole dedication to them. You will be amazed at how much of an impact those words will make on that person. Pick someone who you know not only deserves it, but needs it.


My favorite Valentine's Day postcards & envelopes

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