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Stay Classy, Get Sexy - on a budget

This post may contain affiliate links which means I may earn a small commission if you purchase through the link at no extra cost to you.

How do you stay classy and get sexy all while on a budget? Girl, I'm about to show you!

This guide will make you feel like the classy, sexy girl you are! When you follow this guide, it will bring out the best version of you. And with that comes feeling sexier, healthier, and more productive in your every day life.

There are a few things we must do during our daily lives to bring out the best version off ourselves. Especially when we're on a tight budget and it feels like maybe we can't be as happy, or as pretty, or as successful as that Instagram model and her perfect life. But guess what? That's not true. So put the phone down (after you read this), and go live that sexy life you were born to live!

Now, get ready to take some notes!

The first thing you need to do is...

Have a Hobby

It's important you find something you're passionate about, because you know what's sexy? Having a passion. I don't care if it's collecting stickers, or selling tupperware on Instagram. You need to find something you're passionate about because that will not only make you a happy person, but will also make you an attractive person. I have gotten really passionate about really stupid things when talking to guys, and do you know what? They can't stop staring at me with adoration in their eyes and telling me how adorable I am. And I'm telling you, I come up with some really wonky ideas. Passion is sexy, and passion will keep you going in this life.

But please, do us all a favor. Do not make your passion about your job. You need to find something separate from work that you can truly fall in love with.

Some ideas: baking, crafting, diy, hand lettering, yoga, body toning, writing, journaling

I love picking one part of my body and seeing if I can make a change to it (rounder butt, perkier boobs, thigh gap... you know, all the really superficial things 🤪). But it makes me happy, so who cares. What makes you happy?

Splurge on perfume and lotion

You know what makes me feel really sexy? When I smell sexy. And listen, I know time are tough, we don't have money to just throw away. But I can guarantee that you are not throwing money away when you purchase a scented lotion or a high class perfume. Our sense of smell is one of the most powerful. Don't believe me? Go to your mall right now. Spritz on a bit of their best smelling perfume sample, and see the difference it makes in your day. Go to the grocery store; watch people turn towards you. You may even get a compliment at checkout. Go home, see what your family or husband says. People like to be near things that smell good. They will literally gravitate towards you. And getting a whiff of yourself every now and again will also keep you in an elevated state of mind.

Also girls... I can't believe I'm about to write this. But have you ever heard of pheromone perfume? Oh my gosh. It's amazing. I bought one once to test it out (because remember, I'm superficial, duh... and wanted a special someone's extra attentive attention [aka a lot of attention lol]), and WOAH! I cannot go into details in this post alone, but w.o.a.h. I was also getting a little turned onto my damn self I smelled so good! I'm going to link it here for you guys. And it's not even expensive! Totally, totally worth it. Go read the reviews if you don't believe me.

I recommend creaming your body every morning (or night) with a great smelling lotion. And spritzing a little perfume on every morning after your done getting ready. Game changer.

Keep a clean house

There is nothing more relaxing than a clean house. And to live a clean life, is to live a luxurious life. How many times have you had someone call and say they were in the neighborhood and wanted to stop by? Or you were out to eat with friends but they didn't want the night to end so they asked if they could move things over to your house. EMBARRASSING. At least, it is embarrassing if you don't keep a clean house.

My cleaning routine ends with: lighting some candles, putting on some sultry music (this is a sexy girl's routine, remember?), and keeping your vases filled with fresh flowers!

I cut and vase my hydrangea's from the garden. Cheap but what a way to level up your home's elegance.

Dress nicely every. single. day.

Again, we're going back to the above example when your friend (or mom) decides to just pop in. How do you want the world to see you? As a poor soul who's life is beating her up? Or as a well put together foxy mama? I mean, I'm assuming you want to look like the foxy ma, yeah? Even if life IS beating you up, you don't want or need to let others know that.

A simple guide: dressy top & nice jeans

I personally also love dresses. So easy and comfortable (if you shop them right).

Do your makeup and hair

You know what I'm going to say! lol.. What if you have an unexpected guest!? We are training ourselves to live a totally different lifestyle. One that isn't so frazzled and one where you can relax knowing that your life is actually put together for once (even if it just appears that way on the outside). So every morning, I want you to do your makeup (as much as your comfortable with), and do something other than a messy bun with your hair. You will feel so much better and put together for that unexpected FaceTime you receive.

Can I give you a dare? Wear red lipstick!

I have a simple eye shadow palette with a very soft gold and 3 different hues of brown. Based on what sort of day I'm having I will either just leave it simple with the gold on my lids (if I'm expecting to see no one), or will add a little touch of the light brown for an errands day, the medium brown for a daytime date day, or the dark brown for a date night day. Find a good palette and have fun with it! They last forever, so don't feel bad to splurge a little on one.

Make your bed!

I know this is a simple one, but it really does make all the difference to your mind when you walk in and out of your room and see it's not totally a mess. Have you ever made your bed in a messy room and can see the crazy transformation? What is this sorcery??

I wake up and immediately just pull the covers up and fluff the pillows a bit. Such a quick and easy habit to get into.

Eat everything before you go out and buy more

So this may not go on your "routine schedule", but it is something you should get in the habit of doing. Not only will this save you money, but it will also save you time from having to go through all the old & moldy stuff every week (or month, if you're bad like me and are just too lazy. Gross.).

I go out once a week and shop for perishables. But I also make sure to shop for ingredients that will work well with food I already have at home. Not wasting food is a classy, sexy girl thing to do 😜.

Freeze your leftovers

So if you're like me and live alone (or almost alone. My son doesn't eat anything other than chicken nuggets), then you will undoubtedly have leftovers. Don't stop yourself from making the dinners you deserve just because you're the only person who will get to enjoy it. Make it and freeze the rest! Put them in individual serving containers and mark it with a strip of masking tape. You can then take a sharpie and mark what it is & when it was made.

You now have lunch to bring into work!

I love having frozen homemade meals that I can just reheat on my lazy nights. You still get the home-cooked meal and the nutrition, but without the mess!

Use up your leftovers

Like I said, it's very sexy of you not to waste food. Instead of wasting food and buying more, save your money and use it to buy a pheromone perfume or something ;).

Click here if you missed that part of the memo.

Hott tip: Almost anything can be mixed with eggs for your sexy body breakfast in the mornings (we don't skip breakfast, we eat a healthy one to get our days started right!). Seriously. Have onions left over from hamburgers the night before? Mix it into some scrambled eggs. Got some salsa left over from the taco's? Spoon it on top of your omelet. I dare you to find something you can't mix with your morning eggs. Look at us. Saving the world one egg at a time.

I have found so many new egg recipes by doing this. You will really surprise yourself with this hack!

Have a clean purse

Do I dare enter your pocketbook? Is it filled with moldy bagels, pens without caps and receipts from a store that went out of business 5 years ago? Let's change that.

Here's what you will find in a classy girl's bag: a wallet, a little zip purse to store her lipstick, some hand cream, a little rollerball perfume (and do you know what perfume is a rollerball? You guessed it! That pheromone perfume is back at it again!), ibuprofen, sunglasses, and keys.

I've never felt more organized and sexy in my LIFE.

Create a shower routine in the AM

There's something about showering in the morning that just knows how to get your day started right.

What you'll need: a fluffy robe to snuggle into after you get out of the shower while you're getting ready, and some cozy slippers.

It makes my morning's a little less "morningy".

Have a nightly face routine

Girl, you canNOT go to bed without washing your face. I know it is a daunting task when you are just so sleepy and so ready to get into bed, but you have to do it 😩. I've figured out a way that not only has made my skin feel and look so much healthier, but it also keeps from getting my sink a mess with the water that gets all over the place when I rinse. I can't be the only one. Tell me I'm not.

Best routine: Use a cotton ball and some micellar water to wash your face clean of all the heavy stuff. Then take a facial cleansing oil (my favorite is good old, regular coconut oil) and rub it all over your face. This will give it a deeper cleanse while also providing key nutrients to your skin. For the final step of washing, take a hot washcloth and ring it out. Remove the facial cleansing oil in a spa-like way.

I also wash my face right after I put my son to bed. This way if I start to get too sleepy later on, it's already done.

Fill your day with music

It's more important to fill your days with music than it is TV. Listening to music is just a whole different type of feels.

My favorite types of music to listen to according to the time of day: tinkling piano music during the day, soho house music while cooking dinner and sipping wine, jazz with dinner, and relaxing music as I get into bed to read.

I enjoy listening to music throughout the day and feeling like I'm starring in my own movie. Crazy or amazing? You try it for a day and let me know.

Drink your water!

How do you expect to live a sexy girl life if you're forgetting to drink water? You can't. You just can't do it. Water is SO important. There are so any benefits to drinking an adequate amount of water. For one, your face, hair and nails will be glowing and gorgeous. And your insides will thank you too. You'll also lose any excess water weight and losing weight will be much easier when you're hydrated.

Grab yourself a refillable water bottle and calculate how many of those you need to drink a day. Then drink, refill, and repeat until you've met your goal!

Talk less

This one may be hard for us, girls, but it's honestly one way to portray our elegance to the world. Talk less, listen more, and you will see that people naturally want to come back to talk more. Counterintuitive? Actually no. People love to talk about themselves (myself being one 🤪), so when you're a good listener and they can babble on about themselves with your feigned interest, they want to be your friend!

Also, have you ever seen someone who you think is super sexy? They don't talk a lot, do they? They have this mystery about them that keeps you intrigued and wanting to pry them open. Be the one to break the lock and weasel your way in.

Wine and dine

I am in no way promoting alcoholism, but if you are someone who can drink a little without getting carried away, go ahead and pour yourself a glass while you cook dinner. Sipping on wine, with music playing in the background while you stir the pasta is an experience like no other. And one that you can gift to yourself (almost) every night!

I was never a big drinker (and I'm still not), but when I have guests over or am staying with my boyfriend, I like to break out the wine and act like the classy bitch I am.

Eat salad or fruit with every meal

Make sure you include a fruit or veggie with every meal. And look at your meals as meals. No more snacking throughout the day! Grab a plate, make yourself a meal and include a fruit or veggie.

When I'm in the mood for something bad for me like a donut or chips, I will make a meal out of it (sandwich of turkey, lettuce & tomato with chips on the side, yogurt & fruit with a donut & coffee). This will help fill me up and prevent me from reaching for more, and it will also help satisfy my craving without me feeling like I'm doing something bad.

Limit your sugar

After I just got done talking about donuts, ha! But seriously, you should limit your sugar. It is not healthy for you. It will make your skin look dull and pimply, and will keep your feeling and looking sluggish.

I still allow myself sugar on a reasonable basis. If I were to totally shut myself off from sugar, it would end in a binge and that is a bad place to be. So now, I allow myself one treat a day, whether it's ice cream after dinner, a cookie with my tea, or whipped cream with my strawberries. As long as you're being responsible with it, there's no need to go cold turkey with it.

Eat at the table

No more eating on the couch or in your bed. Sexy girls don't do that. They eat at the table like a real human being.

Although this one is hard for me (my house is super tiny), I have tried to get better at it. It important for families to eat together and nothing is sexier than a girl who dines with her family. That girl is wifey material.

Well that's all I have for you today. I hope you saw some good ideas and some inspiration as to how you can live a sexier life. No, it's not all in the way we look, but it is in the way we present ourselves. And if you follow along to what I've written above, you will find yourself automatically sitting a bit taller, and being a bit more confident in your every day life. And there is absolutely nothing more sexy than confidence. Go ask any guy.

*Also, no, this wasn't a sponsored post for the pheromones perfume. It literally is just that amazing!

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