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The Power of your Mind

Thoughts are the most powerful things we possess. Our thoughts are tightly intertwined with our deeply rooted beliefs which in turn create our reality. Therefore, our life will be either one of a rich man, or one of a poor man.

Where we are in life right now, is where our thoughts have navigated us to thus far. That's why it is so important to figure out your purpose in life and to get at it with a burning desire. You need to have a determination that will get you to where you want to go.

I'd like to share with you a few personal stories of when determination took me places that no others thought I could go.

The first moment I realized that I was in charge of my success was when my son was 6 months old. Money was tight and it looked like it was time I was going to have to get up and get a job in order to help pay the bills. But I was a new mom who was totally in love with this little baby snuggling in her arms. I didn't want to leave my baby all day for a job that wouldn't be 1/10th as rewarding. So, I got an idea! I took a mug and a sharpie and I started an Etsy shop. I must admit that I laughed at myself a little even before I gave others the chance to laugh at me. I mean, who would buy a mug that I drew on? But I told myself I would give myself a year to hit an unreasonable goal of selling 1,000 mugs. If that didn't work... well, we'd already be in the poorhouse if that wasn't working after a year. I didn't have a plan B if my plan A failed. Needless to say, I didn't need one. Everyone looked at me like I was crazy, and maybe I was, but the more people doubted me, the more determined I got. (I don't like being played as a fool). And guess what? Within only 6 months I had hit my goal of selling 1,000 mugs! Within a year I had enough saved up to buy a house and get us out of that one bedroom, basement apartment. Again, people told me I was crazy and that I could never buy a house as a 24 year old, living on Long Island (it's very expensive here if you didn't already know that) with a business selling mugs. But yet again, I was determined and I made it happen. And here I am... 8 years later with my business still kicking and in the same house that people told me was impossible to buy (only now as a single mom).

I have to admit though, it hasn't been easy. There was a moment 3 years ago that I wanted to give up and start on a new adventure... selling cars! I figured, my mugs have been sold in Whole Foods and Hallmark, I've been featured in multiple magazines, I can for sure sell cars. But I didn't have any experience. So I applied to a few places and got a lot of job offers, but they were as secretaries and telephone operators. I didn't want that! I wanted to be out on the floor selling cars! So what did I do? I didn't give up. Despite have 0 experience selling cars, I put my mind to it and I didn't give up until someone took a chance on me and let me onto the selling floor. And man, I did it. I sold 3 cars one Sunday (which is unheard of), but that venture didn't last very long because I ended up hating the hours and the fact that my son had to go to his dad's every single weekend (since you have to work every weekend as a car saleswoman). So I decided, thank you for the opportunity, but no thanks. I'm going back to my business. My business that I just quit and wasn't sure if I could even start back up from scratch. But yet again, I wanted it bad enough, so that year I ended up selling over $200k in revenue.

I share these stories to help illustrate that if you are determined enough, anything is possible. If you go forward unapologetically, without fear, you will succeed. And even though I am the one who has lived this life and know first hand what determination can turn into, I also forget and have moments of feeling defeated with low self-worth. Why should I deserve success? But that's the point; it's the thoughts that counts. We do deserve success! All of us. So every time you catch yourself having negative thoughts, you need to learn how to correct yourself and dig deep into finding that determination that will keep you going.

And in order to stay determined, you need to have a purpose. A real purpose that you are passionate about. A purpose that will give you the perseverance to get rid of any obstacles that may (and will) come your way. You need to be so determined that nothing will stop you. Because you know, with all your being, that you will make this happen!

You must also realize that sometimes opportunities will present itself disguised in a different form. Even though things may not always go as planned, that doesn't mean give up. It means go with it and see where it takes you, but don't take your eyes off the end goal. God has a funny way of helping us by taking us on a detour that we can't quite see the finish line to. We will undoubtedly face hardships that will make us want to give up, but those are just a test, and it's usually those moments that will help push us to our fullest potential if we just hold on just a little bit longer (see story above about how I sold $200k after initially giving up). But because temporary failures are so common, most people are stuck where they are and never move forward in life. They get scared, and they can't stand to face failure, or rejection, so they give up before the opportunity to fail presents itself.

I'm here to tell you though, that your thoughts can turn into real results. And they will if you care enough. The greatest success stories come from poor men who started with nothing but desire and determination. No money, no education, but a whole lot of faith.

You cannot give up though. When times get tough and you start losing faith, you need to force yourself to push forward a little bit more. Find a mentor if you need to. Because only the most successful will be faced with hurdles and rejections; negative feedback and failed attempts. It's during those times that our minds tell us, "Stop! Don't go any further! You're embarrassing yourself. You're wasting your time! You aren't good enough and you never will be. Look at yourself!". And so most people do stop. They want that voice to be right because it's easy to give up. It's a lot easier to give up than it is to face those embarrassing failed attempts and to fight on while other's watch and shake their head. But if you can push all that negativity aside, and if you can stop caring about what other people think of you, you will push through and reach that goal. Because getting past that point is something only a select few winners are able to do. Don't stay down when the finish line is within reach.

We all have ideas and dreams. All you need to do is take one of those dreams and turn it into a passion. Once your dream starts to come true, it will snowball and you will look back and Thank God for the fact that you didn't give up and you went for it.

So work on changing your mindset. Negativity doesn't belong in your life. Anything is possible.

In fact, here's an assignment for you.

Do you own a dictionary? If so (and only if it's yours), go and find the word "impossible" in the dictionary. Now go grab your scissors, and cut it out. Now I'm not one for defacing books. I am an avid bookworm, but "impossible" is no longer a word in your vocabulary or in your dictionary.

Become aware of your success, and the success all around you and believe (truly believe) that it is within reach. Failure is not an option. Don't even think about it.

You're going to have to step out of the life you've known; all the habits and lifestyle and everything that has surrounded your life thus far. That's not going to be your life for long, so you need to let that thought process go. Let the belief's you've known for so long dissipate. You may have to wait for it. You may have to wait a long time for what you want, but tell yourself there is no other way, and you will get what you want. You just can't let the flame of desire burn out.

You are your own master. You control your thoughts and the outcomes. Don't let other people tell you what you can and cannot do. If you haven't already read The Secret, I highty recommend it. It will go into detail in ways that I cannot about how every thought has an action attached to it. And if your mind is swarming with negative ideals and belief's, such will be your life.

Change your mind, change your life.

If and when you find yourself thinking about things in a negative way, kindly redirect your attention and put a positive spin on it. Meditate on the riches and desires you deserve, and don't stop even when you achieve it.

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